Rousseff proposed political reform since 2014

President met on 01 of july, with ministers and confirmed that send suggestions to Congress today calling for a plebiscite on
political reform

Apresidente Dilma Rousseff said yesterday at a ministerial meeting convened to propose exits the crisis triggered with events taking place throughout the country, that political reform prepared by the government should enforce since the 2014 elections. She confirmed that it will send to Congress today the message which suggest the convening of a referendum on political reform.

The president cautioned, however, that implementation of the new electoral rules depend on the time of approval of changes by Congress. “From our point of view, it would all fit, but we can not define it, depends on the time you give the Superior Electoral Court and, due to this term, I do not know what will be, depends on the Senate and the House,” said the president.

“I would love to take into account all the energy we saw in the demonstrations, which had an effect on the election,” he said in an interview at Granja do Torto, during interval ministerial meeting convened yesterday, referring to political reform the government intends to implement to meet demands from the streets.

‘Standard Scolari’
Asked if she will rule the country in the “standard FIFA,” President Dilma Rousseff said she wants to have a government “standard Scolari” in reference to the coach of the Brazilian football, Luiz Felipe Scolari. She also said that receive possibly 7 or 8 days, the Brazilian team at the Presidential Palace.

By the Constitution, any change in the electoral process should enter into force at least 12 months before being applied. The elections next year are scheduled for October 5, in earnest in 2014, so any reform should be approved until October 5 this year.

The PT President Rui Falcão, and parliamentarians allied base, however, argue that the referendum, voters decide whether the new rules, even if approved after October, may be worth for elections next year in which Dilma to running for reelection.

The President said in his message to Congress, will not make suggestions of questions for the referendum, but the topics to be discussed. She mentioned the form of campaign financing and voting system for choosing members of the legislature among the topics to be proposed.

“Basically, (the suggestion) with respect to the financing of campaigns and the electoral register, or rather, the pattern of voting in force, it is proportional, if district is mixed up, anyway. There will be formulated and tomorrow you will see which will be straight and suggestions. Obviously we will not give suggestion question why are we not asking the questions. The questions are between the Senate and House on one side, and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal itself from another, “Rousseff said.

Election campaigns are stands today with public funds and private donations, with limits for individuals and companies. In the discussion on reform, there are suggestions only public funding or that only individuals can contribute paras campaigns.