Brazil will build over 50 new ports, all private investment

The Brazilian government has authorized, last Wednesday, the construction of 50 new ports, all private and some river, which will join the existing 52 (34 of them public). The new promise to make ports more competitive logistics of the country, and the government authorization arises due to the new legislation approved ports for almost two months.

With these 50 new ports, we expect a flow capacity of goods of 105 million tons per year, for a total investment of 11 billion dollars, all private investment.

Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president, is confident that these investments contribute to the modernization of the port system of the country, including through private participation in the management, under the permanent supervision of the State. “Today we completed the new opening of the Brazilian ports. Instead of being to friendly nations, is the country’s private sector, because we need more robust structures in the port system, increased efficiency,” he said.

The Brazilian government has received 123 applications for construction of new terminals, but many of them were rejected for lack of documentation or technical problems. Thus, the 50 to build new ports, 27 are located in the north, three on the north and three in the waterways of central and western Brazil. In addition, five ports will be built in the south and twelve in the Southeast, four in São Paulo, seven in Rio de Janeiro and in the Espirito Santo.